There are thousands of people putting their lives on the line to protect and serve each of us daily.  We wanted a way for all of us to Support and Respect Veterans and Service-members, so we created SRVS Gear (pronounced service) as a symbol and also as a reminder.  One of our goals is to motivate others to get involved through#srvsgiveback so with every shirt purchased we give the customer an extra shirt they can deliver to someone who is serving or has served.  This could be a veteran, soldier, or first responder.  The giveback shirt is exclusive for those serving and can not be purchased.  

There are many things that try to divide us, but we can each choose to focus on the things that unify us especially our love for this great country and our appreciation for those who bravely serve and sacrifice.  We all have the opportunity to make a difference every day for those around us.  On our gear you will also see the LL symbol which stands for Live Loyal, because at SRVS Gear we believe in choosing to do more than just exist or just wear cool apparel, but to also influence those around you for good and "live loyal" to the things most important to you!  Find us on Instagram @srvsgear and join us to giveback to those who give so much for us!

- Ryan and Amanda Bowler (Founder and CEO SRVS Gear)



I chose to partner with SRVS earlier this year because they represent something I believe in and can stand by.  I've been asked if I had any concerns about partnering with a civilian owned company, and the answer was "absolutely not."  I honestly think being a civilian-run brand gives them a unique perspective in our community.  Ryan and Amanda care deeply about our veterans and their approach to merchandise is so extremely authentic.  The "Giveback Shirt" is one of the things that really drew me in originally.  They give a shirt to a warfighter for every shirt purchased.  I don't know any other companies that follow this model, and that makes me extremely comfortable in working with them.  

I have no doubts that they truly want to give back to the best military this world has ever seen.  Moving forward, The Veterans Project merchandise will be sold through SRVS.  Another reason I'm partnering with them is the quality of the merchandise.  I can't stand a bad product as I am admittedly a bit of a style snob.  I LOVE their products and the quality of those products. I am looking forward to this partnership.  Going forward, you will be able to see my warfighter stories highlighted on their site.  So if you're out perusing the internet looking for some merch, why not buy clothes that give back to the men and women who've given so much for you?  Buy SRVS Gear.  

--Tim K. (Founder of The Veterans Project)