Whether you support the war or not, whether you’re democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, purple, orange, it doesn’t matter. There’s still a war out there. Regardless of you thinking it’s a good cause or not, there are still Americans dying. People seem to forget.
— Corporal Max Tenorio (Army, Operation Enduring Freedom)

The Veterans Project mission

The Veterans Project is a comprehensive photographic essay detailing the lives of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom combat veterans and their return to civilian life. The project focuses on the many challenges surrounding their reentry into "polite society" and realistically depicts their lives profiled in both photographic and interview formats. The goal of The Veterans Project is to show each participating veteran as they truly are, as a unique person whose decision to serve places them in a special category of American volunteers. Although all wear the same uniform and to some extent share a common bond as "brothers in arms, " these warriors see life and war through their own personal lenses which is what makes their stories and their struggles uniquely personal and diverse.  To see their stories, click the blog link below.