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If you’re here, it means you have a desire to support The Veterans Project because you respect our servicemen and women as much as we do. You understand the importance of telling their stories and ensuring legacies are recorded in history and passed down from generation to generation. Please know we exist only because of reader and sponsor support, which goes a long way.

The Veterans Project is free and will always be free. The project will live on for as long as possible because we strongly desire that our veterans are honored by having a platform where they can share their stories. If you’d like to help us keep doing what we do, there are five great ways.



Spread the word. A free way to help us in a massive way is to simply tell your friends about the site and share our stories on social media.



Make a small monthly pledge through Patreon. Patreon is a service made for this exact situation. Every single pledge level is a contribution to the preservation of veterans and the capturing of their legacies. Each pledge to The Veterans Project earns you the benefit of viewing all extra, exclusive behind the scenes content. Contribute as you see fit.



The Veterans Project is global; spanning throughout the US and beyond. To cover travel expenses to our veterans, we must support the project through pledges. We understand if month to month Patreon pledge isn't your thing, so we've created the option of a one-time gift. Your contribution is most appreciated by our veteran community who can take comfort in knowing their legacies will be passed down from generation to generation.






The best way for a blog to grow a long-lasting readership is with email subscription. Plus, this gives you direct access directly to our stories without waiting on them or going through the trouble of visiting our website many times over. You can read them in the comfort of your inbox. Please know, we know how overloaded everyone’s inbox is, so we treat our email list like gold, sending an email only when there’s a new story release and almost never for any other reason (and of course, we’d never share your email with anyone). You can subscribe below.


As always, thank you for your continued support of The Veterans Project, we sincerely appreciate it and will always honor and love our supporters.