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The Veterans Project is a photographic essay not just for the warfighter, but for civilians as well.  It serves as a collective database, capturing the stories of veterans who have since returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The goal of The Veterans Project is to capture the warfighter spirit, and establish an educational discourse for civilians who want to know what reintegration into polite society looks like.




I hate it when "thank you" is left for the last part, so I felt it was important to make "thank you" a part of the home page.  I would like to thank the warriors listed below for being a part of the project.  This list will continue to grow as the project grows.  Click the link below to reach my blog, and see these brave war-fighter's stories.  You can also click the names in black below to directly access that particular veteran's interview.  



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I would like to thank the all the brave men and women who have served our country. I would like to thank the warriors listed above for being a part of the project as well as the future warriors who will be a part of the project.

I would also like to thank Ben "Chavo" Chavez and Blake Hannah for their contributions to The Veterans Project.  Although they are civilians, they are patriots and had a major part to play in the artistic vision of the project.