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Recon & Sniper Foundation 


 The Recon & Sniper Foundation is a 501C3 non profit comprised of an all volunteer force of former Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Snipers. Our mission is to provide assistance to veterans, service members, and their families during times of need.

Any man or women who served our nation honorably is eligible for our assistance. We often help with financial issues in order to keep food on the table, the lights and heat on, and ensure all the necessities are in their home. We have assisted after untimely deaths at home and in combat as well as the unfortunate situation of suicide that too often plaques our veteran community. We have responded to drug and alcohol addiction, cleaned up after hurricanes, helped veterans find employment and properly transition into civilian life, as well as many other areas of need. Every single case we get is different and the demand continues to grow. Our collective desire is to expand our network in order to allow us to provide more preemptive assistance so we see less of the emergencies we do today and more stories of success after a proper transition into life after service.