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Sorinex has developed from a small business in a little, two-car garage to one of the most widely respected strength-training companies in the entire world. When professional athletes and America’s most elite warriors look to take their craft to the next level, they look to Sorinex to provide the equipment to drive them there. Their support for the strength community has bled over into the arena that needs that strength the most, our armed forces. Founder Richard Sorin and his son Bert have profoundly impacted some of our most elite units by forging a new understanding of what top-tier strength training should look like.

Here at The Veterans Project, it is of the utmost importance that we generate key relationships that align with our military’s core values. Those companies and non-profits act as sponsors for our veteran’s stories, making this great undertaking a possibility. These same partnerships assist in bridging the gap, creating a space where civilians can better understand the legacies of our military’s men and women. Return to polite society is a process that requires those core tenants of service, including grit, determination, and a desire to constantly better oneself. Those united values are what made our alignment with Sorinex such a seamless one. Through Sorinex’s sponsorship of the project, we will be able to further this work of capturing legacies and in doing so, give the reader an authentic look into our veteran community.